The energy sector is going through rapid change that affects many aspects of our day-to-day lives—whether it’s impacting political discussions, shifting the way we fuel our cars or diversifying investment strategies. There has never been a better time to discuss the future of the energy industry and the role it plays in society. This September, Abu Dhabi will welcome 10,000 participants, including ministers and CEOs, to the world’s most influential energy event – the 24th World Energy Congress.

The Congress will explore a variety of topics such as climate change, technology and access to energy under the umbrella theme of ‘Energy for Prosperity.’ The concept of prosperity varies globally, from urban city dwellers to rural communities: however, the desire for reliable, clean and financially viable energy sources is vital when it comes to socio-economic factors such as job creation and healthcare infrastructure, and a strong framework for sustainable growth.

The Congress, taking place on the 9th to 12th September, will explore the challenge of balancing energy security, universal access to energy and the environmentally sensitive production and use of energy. This is commonly known as the ‘energy trilemma’ and for a truly prosperous future all three elements must be tackled together.

Collaboration at the Heart of the Congress

The world needs collaboration and dedicated action of the entire energy sector, working in partnership with government, other industry sectors and civil society to meet these challenges. This is why the 24th World Energy Congress aims not only to attract the energy industry but entrepreneurs, architects, students and many others to work together to enable a future of societal, commercial and community prosperity.

In the spirit of collaboration and leaving a long-term impact, the Congress has engaged with partners such as LAGI 2019, a design competition aimed at developing aesthetically-pleasing renewable energy infrastructure, and SET-100, an initiative to the most outstanding international start-ups in the field of energy together.

Topical and Action-driven Program

The Congress will launch with an in-depth discussion on ‘new visions of energy prosperity,’ exploring the role of digitalization and new technologies. The focus will be on how new disruptive technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, are set to impact the energy sector.

Energy investment is also shifting with investments in renewable energy reaching over $288 billion, inevitably impacting investment across all energy sources. Diversification will inevitably have an impact on global investment strategies and business models, and on the second day Congress will hear from leaders in the field on ‘opportunities for change’, specifically, the upcoming trends in energy investment. The third day will look closely at government policies around energy security, energy access and rethinking climate change under the theme of ‘inclusive prosperity.’

The Congress will close focusing on the ‘pathway to prosperity’ providing in-depth insight into how innovation is shaping the energy industry now and in the future, the important role of entrepreneurship and learning from failure to succeed.

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