August 26 & 27, 2019 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Brazil WPC National Committee has organized an expert workshop focused on ‘The Impact of Digital Technologies on the Future of the Oil & Gas Industry’.

Considering the relevance of the oil and gas industry, a positive impact to society is expected through the dissemination of the digital transformation within the main sectors of the economy, which contribute to build a better future. The World Petroleum Council Expert Workshop will be held as part of the O&G TechWeek 2019, an international digital transformation event for the oil and gas industry.

This event will focus on the ultimate trends in technology and innovation and promote discussion over the role and impacts of digital technologies for the future of our industry. Some of the main topics to be covered are:

·       Improvement on safety, efficiency and competitiveness in the oil and gas industry

·       What are the expected transformation and developments that disruptive digital technologies will provide to the oil and gas sector?

These topics will be discussed with an international panel of experts to gain a global perspective.

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