Thought Leadership Provided by Halliburton


In today’s environment, operators are looking for ways to reduce spend on CAPEX and OPEX while still needing the capability to enhance reservoir and equipment performance over the life of the well. Typically cost reductions result in the use of standard technologies, which can often lead to lost production or less reliable equipment versus more advanced completion systems.


All-Electric completions enable project cost reductions by removing costly hydraulic systems from the subsea production systems, subsea umbilicals and host platforms. Studies have shown that projects that were previously uneconomical to proceed using conventional systems, can now proceed with higher specification technology enabling enhanced monitoring and control of the reservoir.


As technological advances in subsurface technologies have progressed, operators now have the capability to capture parameters that were previously a challenge to measure with conventional systems. All-Electric completions enable faster and more informed decisions, and when combined as a total system can have a significant impact on operating costs while maintaining optimum well performance and longevity.