Thought Leadership Provided by Halliburton


The need for accessible, understandable and real-time chemical program data is growing to become critical to control costs and optimize production in a world where energy producers need to deliver operational efficiencies and innovation to maximize the value of their assets.


Analyze Performance eXecution (APX) is a real-time digital solution developed by Multi-Chem, a Halliburton Service, to provide oil and gas operators the transparency needed to see chemical program data to foster synergies, react timely to dynamic changes, and ultimately make better decisions.


With APX, operators are able to gain faster access to field and lab data with built-in interpretation functions. This allows operators to see trends more quickly and manage potential issues quicker by enhancing visibility of areas requiring more focus. APX also provides operators a view to service commitments and chemical performance, plus they gain the ability to access data across their organization’s geographies and generate standardized reporting on chemical program activities and results.


APX is also a data management platform that enhances collaboration with Halliburton’s specialty chemicals team. This includes optimizing service activities and engagements such as inventory tracking and monitoring to more complex projects that leverage Halliburton’s application expertise to develop innovative solutions to overcome production challenges.