Every three years at the World Petroleum Congress, the World Petroleum Council recognises some of the most outstanding projects and innovations in the oil and gas sector with the prestigious WPC Excellence Awards (WPCEA). The objective of the WPC Excellence Awards (WPCEA) is to distinguish companies, institutions or any public or private organization (not individuals) engaged in the oil and gas industry for promoting or operating with high excellence standards. Companies can submit projects in two categories:

Social Responsibility and Technological Development

Over 130 nominated projects were reviewed by the independent judging panel in this cycle’s awards nominations. The Finalists in each category are:

WPCEA for Social Responsibility – Finalists (alphabetically by company)

Small to Medium Sized Companies Large Companies and NOCs
Pertamina Refinery Unit III: Lighting Hopes: Electrify Rural
Communities from Micro-Hydro Power Plant
Chevron: Peace, Prosperity, and Partnerships in the Niger Delta
Sakhalin Energy: Sakhalin: Indigenous Island Chevron: Partnering to Eliminate Malaria in Bioko Island
Salym Petroleum Development: Good Neighbour
Exxon: Building local capacity in Guyana

WPCEA for Technological Development – Finalists (alphabetically by company)

Small to Medium Sized Companies Large Companies and NOCs
Aramco Americas: Sensor Ball Halliburton Landmark: Permedia® CO2 Toolkit: Understanding
the Flow Dynamics of Injected CO2 in the Subsurface to De-risk
Long-term Carbon
Fishbones AS: Multilateral Well Stimulation Satbayev University: SmartTranPro software-energy saving
of paraffinic oil transportation through pipelines
Kayrros: Geospatial Monitoring for Oil & Gas Climate Stewardship
Saudi Aramco: Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage
nhanced Oil Recovery Project
Weatherford: Vero® Automated Connection Integrity

The winners will be announced during the WPC Excellence Awards Ceremony held at the 23rd World Petroleum Congress this December in Houston.

All the finalists’ projects will be showcased during the Congress. The Social Responsibility Finalists will present their projects at the Social Responsibility Stand with the Technological Development projects presented at the Digital Poster Plaza.

WPCEA 2021 Judging Panel:

Social Responsibility Technological Development
Miguel Moyano, Executive Secretary, ARPEL, Uruguay Andy Calitz, Secretary General Elect, IGU
Dr. Pierce Riemer, Director General, World Petroleum Council Iman Hill, Executive Director, IOGP
Brian Sullivan, Executive Director, IPIECA
Mark Rubin, Executive Director, SPE, USA

Each category will have two winners, one from a NOC or large business and the other to represent the work of small and medium size organisations. The following criteria have been taken into consideration when assessing the projects:

WPCEA on Social Responsibility

  • Innovative and far-reaching social responsibility initiatives benefitting the community or environment
  • Commitment and involvement of management and employees
  • Cooperation with local communities and stakeholders and development of mutually beneficial relations
  • Feasibility
  • Wide applicability and reproducibility within the petroleum sector
  • Proved or clearly demonstrable long-term sustainable results

WPCEA on Technological Developments

  • Technological breakthroughs
  • Innovative applications of existing technologies
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Wide applicability for the petroleum industry
  • Proved or clearly demonstrable and sustainable results (long term)

WPC Excellence Awards for Youth

Additionally in recognition of the important contribution by youth to the energy industry, the World Petroleum Council rewards the best young authors of the Congress. These will be selected from the best abstracts submitted by young professionals under 35.

Notes for Editors

About the World Petroleum Council

The World Petroleum Council was established in 1933 and provides a neutral platform for discussion of the issues facing the oil and gas industry and its stakeholders around the globe. It is a non-advocacy, non-political organization, dedicated to the application of scientific advances in the oil and gas industries, technology transfer and the sustainable use of the world’s petroleum resources for the benefit of all. The WPC is registered as a charity in the UK. Its over 60 member countries represent 96% of the world’s oil and gas production and consumption. Every three years the WPC hosts the prestigious World Petroleum Congress in one of its member countries.

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About the 23rd World Petroleum Congress

The 23rd World Petroleum Congress takes place in Houston, Texas, December 5-9, 2021. The triennial World Petroleum Congress is the oil and gas industry’s largest and most prestigious international event. Known as “the Olympics of the oil and gas sector,” the Congress regularly attracts the highest-level industry and government leaders from around the world, including heads of state, ministers of energy and C-suite executives.

Taking place in the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston’s Downtown Campus, the 23rd WPC will be the most important face-to-face meeting for the global oil and gas sector in 2021.

Further programme and event details for the 23rd World Petroleum Congress can be found at www.23wpchouston.com

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