Our Commitment

We committed to a Responsible Congress that promoted sustainable energy for all.

The 23rd World Petroleum Congress inspired delegates through a purposeful journey of Innovative Energy Solutions that applied to the global priorities of our time. The principles of sustainability were fully integrated to achieve a meaningful impact beyond the Congress. Our approach affirmed the World Petroleum Council mission, the Congress theme and vision, and the ambitions of the U.S. and City of Houston.

Sustainability Initiatives

Raising the Bar for a World that Thrives

The 23rd WPC aimed to establish a new benchmark in convening an energy event
in more collaborative, resourceful and impactful ways for a world that thrives together.


Our Sustainability Strategy was underpinned by the purpose of the World Petroleum Council to promote the sustainable use of the world’s natural resources.

Energy stakeholders from around the world converged at the 23rd WPC under the theme of Innovative Energy Solutions. As participants collaborated under a common purpose, we highlighted our actions within the context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


As the Congress advanced dialogue on energy and related social, economic and environmental issues, we were mindful of the resource impacts on Houston. The 23rd WPC intended to benchmark our practices, leveraging our partners in planning and execution and encouraging our exhibitors to follow best practices for a sustainable congress.

Focusing in Three Important Areas:
Maximize Carbon Reduction & Energy Efficiency
Optimize Waste Diversion
Individual Commitment & Collective Impact


Partnering with Houston’s regional network of diverse-owned businesses was a powerful multiplier in innovation, economic growth and community development. Through contracting opportunities with the Organizing Committee and referrals, we advanced the economic inclusion of minority, Women-Owned Business Entrepreneurs (MWBE) and other qualified, small and diverse businesses that shared our core values in fulfilling the important Congress mission.

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While the Congress Program was packed with sessions, roundtables, workshops, and forums for energy experts, educational opportunities for youth was also built into the Congress’ total experience. In partnership with the Society of Petroleum Engineers, local high schoolers complemented classroom curriculum on energy and sustainability with a hands-on learning experience at the Congress.


Through the WPC Excellence Awards, the World Petroleum Council recognized outstanding companies and/or organizational performances in the categories of Social Responsibility and Technological Developments, as well as the WPC Excellence Awards for Young Professionals.

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WPC Legacy Fund was established to spread the benefits of the Congress beyond the organizing countries, through carefully selected projects around the world.

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Reporting for progress

The 23rd WPC convened for measurable, meaningful impact in 2021 and beyond,
applying standards, guidelines and reporting for continuous improvement.

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