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Releasing the Analytical Power of Oil & Gas Talent

2020-10-06T22:31:02+00:00September 15th, 2020|Presenting Sponsors|

Thought leadership by Accenture The industry’s best-kept secret may be that O&G players are perfectly positioned to take advantage of AI and machine learning (ML). The potential to unlock trapped value is significant across the exploration and production (E&P) value chain for three key reasons:The industry collects incredible amounts of sub-surface [...]

We are All in the Oil Business

2020-08-03T14:55:13+00:00August 3rd, 2020|Presenting Sponsors|

Thought Leadership Provided by ConocoPhillips   ConocoPhillips has a long history in Alaska, from the discovery of oil on the Kenai Peninsula in the 1950’s that provided the resources needed to become a state, to the discovery of Prudhoe Bay in 1968 which fueled the economic engine that is the [...]

Chemical Data Management is Critical to Maximizing Asset Value

2020-06-02T18:06:42+00:00May 27th, 2020|Presenting Sponsors|

Thought Leadership Provided by Halliburton   The need for accessible, understandable and real-time chemical program data is growing to become critical to control costs and optimize production in a world where energy producers need to deliver operational efficiencies and innovation to maximize the value of their assets.   Analyze Performance [...]

Addressing Climate Concerns by Mitigating Fugitive Methane Emissions

2020-05-07T21:29:14+00:00May 7th, 2020|Presenting Sponsors|

Thought Leadership Provided by ConocoPhillips   Delivering reliable and affordable energy to the world while also operating in a sustainable manner that addresses vital social and environmental issues, including climate change, is crucial. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by implementing new processes and enhanced technology can lead to substantial improvements. Industrywide [...]

Electric Completions – The Path to Lower Cost Wells with Advanced Completions

2020-05-07T21:52:16+00:00May 1st, 2020|Presenting Sponsors|

Thought Leadership Provided by Halliburton   In today’s environment, operators are looking for ways to reduce spend on CAPEX and OPEX while still needing the capability to enhance reservoir and equipment performance over the life of the well. Typically cost reductions result in the use of standard technologies, which can [...]

The One-Two Punch for Oil Markets

2020-07-30T17:28:56+00:00April 28th, 2020|Presenting Sponsors|

What concurrent supply and demand shocks mean and how to respond Thought Leadership Provided by Accenture Written by Muqsit Ashraf, Manas Satapathy, Vivek Chidambaram   The oil and gas (O&G) industry is no stranger to supply and demand shocks, having faced more than a dozen such jolts over the course of the past [...]

State of the Congress Marks One Year

2019-12-20T21:52:33+00:00December 20th, 2019|Media Event, Presenting Sponsors|

With one year to go until the 23rd World Petroleum Congress, the organizing team and other key stakeholders from around the world came together in Houston for a State of the Congress from December 8-12.   The State of the Congress brought together the World Petroleum Council Secretariat, 23rd WPC Organizing Committee, [...]

23rd World Petroleum Congress Announces Presenting Sponsors

2020-08-18T15:57:12+00:00October 1st, 2019|Presenting Sponsors, Press Release|

Leadership from each of the companies will serve on the WPC Organizing Committee Board of Directors to support programming and help set the strategic direction for the event, which is returning to the city of Houston and the United States for the first time in more than three decades.

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