The Purposeful Journey at the 23rd World Petroleum Congress

The industry is making great strides in support of a sustainable future, addressing some of the most significant issues facing the world today. Attendees joined us on the 23rd WPC exhibition floor and explored six aspirational and informative journey points, inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. They also learned about the positive actions being taken and reflected on their own paths, influence, and purpose.

Once attendees visited all of the journey points, they stopped by the Global Sustainability booth and received the Purposeful Journey tote bag, made of sustainable material.

The Journey Points


Clear targets, emerging technologies and operational efficiencies are advancing an energy value chain with reductions in carbon and other greenhouse gas impacts.


Technology is enabling affordable, reliable and sustainable energy, unlocking resources in mature and frontier fields; and the potential in more people and places.


New pioneers are breaking barriers across energy sectors and industries, jump-starting solutions that the world wants and needs today.


The energy industry is building on its culture of relentless problem-solvers and regenerating with purpose to confront the unprecedented global priorities of our time.


Technology solutions and responsible resource usage is accelerating universal access to energy without compromise to vital ecosystems.


While uncertainties ahead remain, energy players are leveraging capabilities for bold solutions to the ultimate challenge of a decarbonized world.