Neftgaz.RU Communication Agency

Neftegaz.RU Communication Agency (Neftegaz.RU Intl, LLC) is the leader in the information field of the fuel and energy complex since 2000. They are a multi-profile platform: News Website Neftegaz.RU, Marketplace Neftegaz.RU and Business Magazines Neftegaz.RU.

Attendance of the news website is more than 15,000 people per day, the 1st line of independent ratings. The website contains operational information, news, and analytics. The database contains more than 30,000 companies, 150 000 products positions, a technical library, a media library, and much more. Russian and English versions are available.
Marketplace Neftegaz.RU is an electronic B2B-Commerce platform that unites representatives of the fuel and energy sector and related industries, providing information about products and services of companies and working on the principle of a marketplace.
Business Magazine Neftegaz.RU is a monthly popular science publication which is in the HCC list of reviewed scientific publications, giving information on topical industry issues, exclusive interviews and unique analytical materials.

The magazine has 12 issues a year in Russian in a monthly print edition of 8,000 copies. It has an electronic PDF and a full online version. And 3 issues in English.

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