WPC Excellence Awards

The World Petroleum Council gives recognition to the most
outstanding projects and innovations in the oil and gas industry
with the WPC Excellence Awards.

The WPC Excellence Awards recognizes companies, institutions and/or any public or private organizations
engaged in the oil and gas industry for promoting or operating with high excellence standards.
Companies can submit projects in two categories—

Social Responsibility and Technological Developments

Each category will have two project winners, a National Oil Company (NOC) or large business
and a small- or medium-size organization within the oil and gas industry. All project entries will be reviewed
and winners will be selected by an independent panel from the World Petroleum Council.

For more information on past winners click here.

Below are the specifications of each category for your project to be considered:
Innovative and far-reaching social responsibility initiatives benefitting the community or environment
Commitment and involvement of management and employees
Cooperation with local communities and stakeholders and development of mutually beneficial relations
Wide applicability and reproducibility within the petroleum sector
Proved or clearly demonstrable long-term results
Technological breakthroughs
Innovative applications of existing technologies
Cost effectiveness
Wide applicability for the petroleum industry
Proved or clearly demonstrable and sustainable results (long term)

WPC Excellence Awards
for Young Authors

In recognition of the important contribution by young professionals to the energy industry, the World Petroleum Council recognizes the outstanding young authors of the Congress. These will be selected from the best abstracts submitted by young professionals under 35.