Leading to a Sustainable Energy Future:
Who, If Not Us? When, If Not Now?

The WPC Young Professionals (YP) Program theme for the 23rd World Petroleum Congress called upon the exceptional talent within the energy industry to lead the change to a sustainable energy future. Who, if not us will develop innovative solutions for global challenges? When is the right time to influence that change, if not now?


Connected current and future leaders by facilitating conversations on timely topics that impact our industry.


Shared a common goal for the future of the energy industry and its diversity.


Fostered international and interdisciplinary networking to bridge geopolitical boundaries.


Elevated the voice of today’s generation by integrating global young professional perspectives.


Provided students and young professionals an opportunity to learn and grow.

Assem Mukazhanova

Assem Mukazhanova, Representative of Kazakhstan (2019), WPC Young Professionals Committee meeting in Kazakhstan

Defining PillArs


Leading to a sustainable energy future requires creative, compassionate, and dynamic leadership. Leaders must balance the needs of the company, their stakeholders, and society while continuing to adapt to new technologies, policies, and demand. The industry leadership pillar is a forum for the exploration of what it means to be an energy industry leader in this modern age.


The world is becoming increasingly digital as new technologies allow the industry to make better business decisions with more data. Understanding how the transformational technologies behind the fourth industrial revolution relate to business and society is critical in Leading to a sustainable energy future. The Transforming Technologies pillar explores how innovative technologies change our world; redefining what we can achieve.


Creativity, collaboration, and communication are important components central to Leading to a sustainable energy future. Innovators, policy makers, and business leaders must work together to define and solve the sustainability challenges we collectively face. The Sustainable Solutions pillar explores the ideas, policies, technologies, and drivers behind solving our global sustainability challenges.


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